Further Education and Research

Plouzané welcomes over 2000 students from 50 different countries creating an exceptional multicultural environment. These students, engineers, doctorates or trainees are registered in one of the four establishments for further education situated on the Technopôle site: three engineering schools and a department of the University of Western Brittany (UBO), offer courses in innovating and varied domains such as electronics, telecommunications, the food industry and of course, the sea.


National Engineering School of Brest (ENIB)

The National Engineering School of Brest (Ecole Nationale des Ingénieurs de Brest or ENIB) trains over 3 or 5 years general engineering in the domains of Electronics, Information Technology and Mechatronics. Research and Development is carried out between three laboratories.

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School of Microbiology and Food Security of Brest (ESMISAB)

The School of Microbiology and Food Security of Brest (L'Ecole Supérieure de Microbiologie et Sécurité Alimentaire de Brest or ESMISAB) trains its engineers in the domains of microbiology, hygiene, quality and security of food products.

At the ESMISAB, the high level of scientific and technical training is also accompanied by an important human factor, that targets future careers and employment.

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Telecom Brittany

Telecom Brittany (Télécom Bretagne) is both a generalist engineering school but also an international research centre in sciences and information technology. There are three types of courses: generalist, specialised and research in sciences and information technology.

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European Institute of the Sea (IUEM)

 European Institute of the Sea (Institut Universitaire Européen de la Mer or IUEM) is a multi-disciplinary organism whose objectives are to increase knowledge of the marine world, as well as studying and observing the interactions of the marine world with the atmosphere and continental spaces. It is organised around many laboratories.

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Research Centres

This environment of further education is complimented by high level research and development centres..

The European Centre for Virtual Reality (ECVR) in Brest is a centre of excellence in virtual reality with a European calling. It gathers Laboratories, Start-ups and Students together in a Multidisciplinary Context. As a public sector research centre, the ECVR takes part in producing and disseminating knowledge and developing related know-how.

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The Ifremer Centre (Maritime Research) situated in Plouzané manages and directs the Ifremer teams based in Brittany (Brest, Saint-Malo, Lorient, La Trinité-sur-Mer). It leads research programs in partnership with National, European and International organisations. At a regional level, it actively contributes to the cooperation with the industry and research centres through the Pôle de Compétitivité Mer, and is associated to Europôle Mer.

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Practical Information :

Access map from the airport (30mins), train station (20mins), tram stop (10 mins).

All these establishments are situated on the Technopôle site.