Twin Towns

G11. les jumelagesPlouzané is twinned with 4 European towns:

It is in 1987 that the association « Plouzané- Kilrush » has become the « Office for Exchanges in Plouzané- Twinning Committee » (OPEP). Since 1999, a convention officialises the partnership between the town and OPEP. The twinning committee's mission is to encourage and coordinate friendly exchanges between Plouzané and its European twin towns, by maintaining contacts and exchanges of a cultural, family, school, sporting or economic nature.

It organises meetings, visits and trips in a spirit of understanding and solidarity. During exchanges, the people are welcomed by local families. The committee supports all actions that favour peace and the connection of different peoples.

The OPEP works in collaboration with the commune, associations and officials to organise numerous actions: the arrival of delegations from twin towns, school exchanges, ceremonies or exhibitions, trips for the Plouzané people to the twinned towns, convivial evenings on the themes relative to cultural exchanges ... Also they organise lessons to discover the language and culture of Germany, Italy, Wales and Ireland.

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President: M. Christian Poullaouec - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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