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The MultiMedia Library

For some good times with literature, music and cinema ...

Situated in the François-Mitterrand Cultural-Centre, place Anjela-Duval, the multimedia library offers a vast choice of books, CD's, CD-ROM's and DVD's - suitable for all ages.

There are spaces dedicated to « News and Current affairs » where you can find numerous newspapers, journals and magazines.

Several activities are at the rhythm of life in the multimedia library: sometimes geared towards small children, to teach them the joys of reading, and sometimes for older children, who would like to share their discoveries.

Led by a team of professionals who are at your service, the multimedia library allows you to combine pleasure and leisure, discovery and reflexion.

The multimedia library is open to all; consultation of documents on the premises is free.


Opening Hours

Open Morning Afternoon
Tuesday - 14h - 18h30
Wednesday 10h - 12h 13h30 - 18h00
Friday - 14h30 - 18h30
Saturday 10h - 12h 13h30 - 17h00

The multimedia library proposes:

  •  An area for « Adults »
  • An area for « Youth »
  • An area for « Music, cinema and multimedia »
  • An area for « Leisure »
  • An area for in which to work or consult documents in the premises
  • Activities for children and adults

Pratical information:

The borrowing of documents at home requires a library card.

Loans: 10 paper articles (book or magazine), 5 CD's, 1 DVD - fiction, 1 DVD -documentary, 2 audio books per card

Cost (1 year subsciption) :

  • Free for under 18's, unemployed, and those on RSA unemployment benefits.
  • 10€ for citizens of Plouzané over 18 years
    (8€ per person with 2 adults of the same family).
  • 22€ for the over 18's who are non residents.

A free subscription service is available for teachers and child carers working in the commune.

All subscriptions require the presentation of ID and proof of address.

Parental approval is required for minors.

A box for the return of documents is accessible in case of closure of the multimedia library.

Further information:

Find out all the updates of the Multimedia library, new arrivals, activities, discoveries and highlights at : http://mediathequedeplouzane.wordpress.com (in French)


Multimedia library of Plouzané: or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.