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General Presentation

presentation generale 1As a commune situated west of the city of Brest, Plouzané benefits from being in an enviable position, at the gates of the city centre. Bordering the ocean, it is the western lookout of Brest's maritime harbour. The commune offers a remarkable quality of life and is careful to preserve its relaxed rhythm of life.

This appeal has been understood by the local economical operators: one of the best resources of the commune is obviously found in its Technopole or the Ifremer for supporting budding talents in new technologies, as well as passing by the European Institute of the Sea and numerous world class centres of further education. Here, excellence is a way of life!

In Plouzané, the shoreline offers picture postcard landscapes, giving onto the narrows of Brest's harbour, the Crozon peninsula, the Minou lighthouse, the Dellec fortress or out to sea. The countryside is characterised by a small yet rich heritage: fountains, small manors, holy crosses, chapels, walking trails...

presentation generale 2The town possess on its territory the necessary facilities to welcome everybody: a multi-use day-care centre for infants (crèche and day-care facility), 4 public and 2 private schools, 3 colleges, easy accessibility to the high schools in Brest, sport and cultural facilities ... the economic network, active and enterprising, is diversified. The strong and dynamic network of local associations offers a large choice of activities; creative, sporting or intellectual, as well as many services.

Rich through its natural and built heritage, Plouzané is a town of 12 000 inhabitants, equally divided between town, countryside and sea - it's a great place to live.

Geographical data:

Area: 3314 hectares
Population: 12051 inhabitants